China announces the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in 14 provinces

The Chinese National Health Commission announced that the latest outbreak of the Corona virus in China has spread to 14 provinces, where locally infected cases and asymptomatic cases were recorded during the past 14 days.

On Saturday, Mi Feng, a spokesman for the Chinese National Health Commission, said at a press conference that the epidemic prevention and control situation is still bleak and complex, as infections continue to spread rapidly.

In the same context, China’s chief epidemiologist, Zhong Nanshan, said that the country will be able to contain the latest wave of the coronavirus outbreak effectively within a month.

Today, Sunday, the National Health Committee of China announced that 71 new confirmed cases of the Corona virus had been recorded during the past 24 hours.

Currently, the total number of confirmed infections with the Corona virus, in mainland China, is 97,151, while the number of deaths remains constant at 4,636.

Source: Xinhua 

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