American Airlines cancels more than 1,000 flights due to staff shortage

American Airlines has canceled nearly 1,000 flights since Friday, due to staff shortages due to disruptions related to bad weather. 

According to the “FlightAware” website, which tracks delays and cancellations in US airspace, American Airlines canceled more than 800 flights on Friday and Saturday, and it expects to cancel more than 400 flights on Sunday.

The difficulties began Thursday with strong storms and winds that hampered the ability of the company’s hub in Dallas and the movement of employees, David Seymour, general manager of American Airlines, said in a note to employees Saturday. He also spoke of the difficulty in finding pilots and flight crews.

And “American Airlines” is not the first airline to suffer from a shortage of employees since the demand for travel increased due to the vaccination campaigns against Covid and the lifting of anti-virus measures.

Last week, Southwest had to cancel more than 2,000 flights, costing it $75 million.


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