actor Baldwin talk on the street about killing his photographer

American actor Alec Baldwin was driving his car yesterday outside a rural town in Vermont, with his wife Hilaria, when journalists and photographers stopped him. On the set of the movie in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He said that he cooperates with the police regarding the killing of Halyna Hutchins and talks to her daily, and he stated, according to what we hear in a video presented below, that she was his girlfriend, “We were a very professional team in filming the movie together, and then this terrible accident happened, but I can’t Talk about the investigation that is still going on,” the 63-year-old actor said.

Standing on the road and accompanied by his wife, Baldwin explained that “occasional things happen on set from time to time, but nothing happens like this… It’s one in a trillion (…) to remember, how many bullets are fired in movies and TV shows.” In the last 75 years, this is America. How many billions in the last 75? Almost all without accidents, so we have to realize that when that goes wrong, and it’s horrific and catastrophic, some new measures have to be taken, like rubber and plastic guns, There are no live weapons, no real weapons in place.”

For this reason, Baldwin emphasized that he was interested in reducing the use of firearms on set after the fatal incident, “and that is not my decision, because I am not an expert in this field, so what others decide is the best way to go in terms of protecting the people working on film sets, we all support That and I will cooperate with him in any way possible,” according to the actor, who was not charged by the New Mexico police, after he killed the director of his film with a wrong bullet in the chest, and slightly wounded the director of the film in his shoulde

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