“A solar storm on Halloween!” .. Warning of a “large” glow that may hit the Earth!

Experts have said that a solar storm is expected to “hit the Earth directly”, after NASA warned of a “big” explosion from the sun.

A large solar flare erupted from the sun last night in the most powerful storm seen in the current weather cycle. It released what’s known as an X1 solar flare, the strongest of its kind that peaked at 3:30 p.m., according to reports.

NASA officials described the solar flare as an “important solar flare,” adding that it was captured in real-time video by the space agency’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Now, a coronal mass ejection of the flare (CME) could hit Earth over the weekend. The flare could already cause some havoc, including a temporary but powerful radio blackout in part of South America.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the R3 (strong radio dimming) event occurred as a result of a “pulsating flare”.

The CME is a large explosion of charged particles from the glow. When it enters the atmosphere where the satellites lie, it leads to widespread power outages and communications failures that are a major concern.

It is expected to hit Earth by Saturday or Today , leading to real horror just in time for Halloween.

But while the X-class glow is the most intense of the sun’s flares, the number indicates the strength of the X-class glow. Fortunately, X-1 ranks as the least powerful.

Source: Express

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