A $12 million call… a “Bitcoin” investor is exposed to the trick of a lifetime

In just a few minutes, a Coinbase cryptocurrency trader lost about $12 million of his investment he had just placed on the popular digital platform.

The person, who was referred to by US judicial documents without specifying his identity, fell into the trap of falling victim to a fraud carried out by an unknown party through a false notice that arrived on his phone.

The US Attorney’s office in Los Angeles said the person had purchased about 200 bitcoins in April, worth about $12 million.

Then, he got a notification saying that his account had been closed and that he had to call a certain number supposedly for customer service. The site “Business Insider” The message appeared to be from the “Queen Bees”, but in fact they were not.

He immediately called the number, and within 10 minutes the person lost about $11.6 million worth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In a complaint they filed with a US federal court last September, investigators note that the fraudster obtained data from him that allowed him to access the victim’s account remotely, and then transfer the money from his account.

An unknown person transferred the funds to several accounts, including the Hubby Global digital wallet, which received about 10.2 bitcoins.

Investigators in the complaint requested a refund of the money sent to the wallet, and a federal judge recently agreed to freeze the money.

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