The discovery of a skull sets off a surprise about a type of human that lived in Africa

In a discovery that may reclassify the types of humans in different eras, scientists have discovered the skull of a new type of ancient humans in Africa, believed to be a direct ancestor of modern humans. The newly discovered species was called “Human podensis”, who lived during the “Middle Pleistocene” about 500,000 years ago.

Researchers from the University of Winnipeg, Canada, hope that the discovery will help shed light on this ancient era.

To this, Dr. Mirjana Ruksandik said, “Talking about human evolution during this time period has become impossible due to the lack of appropriate terminology that recognizes human geographic diversity.”

“Heidelberg Man”

In the study, researchers reassessed fossils from Africa and Eurasia that date back to the Middle Ice Age period, and these fossils were identified as either “Heidelbergen Man” or “Rhodesian Man”.

However, recent DNA evidence has shown that some of the fossils in Europe identified as Homo Heidelbergensis are in fact Early Neanderthals.

confuse things

Meanwhile, African fossils from this period have been identified as being of “Heidelberg man” and “Rhodesian man”, further confusing matters.

In their new analysis, the researchers believe that the skull found in Bodu Dar, Ethiopia, does not belong to H. Heidelbergensis or Rhodesian H., but rather a completely new species. In celebration of the site where the skull was discovered, researchers have named the species Homo bodensis.

short full body

The researchers believe Homo bodensis has a short, stocky body that is adapted to conserve heat in colder climates.

Males were likely about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed about 10 stone (Stone is 6.35 kg), while females averaged 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) and about 8 stone.

These species became extinct about 200,000 years ago, long before the migration of modern humans from Africa. From now on, most Middle Pleistocene humans from Africa and some from southeastern Europe will be classified as Homo bodensis, while many people from Southeast Asia will be reclassified as Neanderthals

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