The Chinese president denounces the “politicization” of tracing the origins of Corona

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Saturday that stigmatization of the coronavirus and the politicization of tracing its origins “go against the spirit of solidarity against COVID-19.”

“Solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapon to fight the disease,” Xi said in his speech at the 16th G20 Leaders’ Summit via video link, calling on the international community to work in concert to confront and defeat the disease with “a science-based approach.”

“We need to intensify cooperation in prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment, and strengthen preparedness for major public health emergencies,” he added.

The Chinese president noted that the G20 includes the world’s major economies, and therefore should play a leading role in building consensus, mobilizing resources and promoting cooperation.

Xi’s statement comes after the release of a report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on an assessment of the US intelligence community on the origin of COVID-19.

The evaluation concluded that the coronavirus was not synthesized as a biological weapon.

Source: “Xinhua”

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