Saudi Arabia and Bahrain request the departure of the Lebanese ambassador to them

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain requested the departure of the Lebanese ambassador to them within 48 hours, against the background of the offensive statements made by Lebanese officials recently.

While Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Lebanon , the Kingdom’s government expressed its regret over the state of relations with Beirut due to the Lebanese authorities’ ignoring of the facts.

Saudi Arabia stressed that Hezbollah’s control over the decision of the Lebanese state made Lebanon an arena and a starting point for implementing projects of countries that do not wish the country well. It also decided to stop all Lebanese imports into the Kingdom.

For its part, Bahrain asked the Lebanese ambassador to leave the kingdom within 48 hours, according to a statement published by the Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

The statement, which was issued on Friday night, said that the decision came “in light of a series of unacceptable and offensive statements and stances issued by Lebanese officials in recent times.”

The Bahraini Foreign Ministry clarified that this decision does not affect the Lebanese residing in the Kingdom.

 Mikati regrets

In Beirut , Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati expressed his regret over the measures taken by Saudi Arabia regarding the relationship with Lebanon, stressing his rejection of any insult directed at Saudi Arabia.

The Lebanese Prime Minister stressed that his government will continue to work with every effort to fix the flaws complained of and address what must be addressed.

Najib Mikati appealed to Arab leaders to work and help overcome this crisis.

Meanwhile, Mikati called on the Minister of Information in his government, George Kordahi, to present the national interest and take the appropriate decision to reform Lebanon’s foreign relations.

For his part, Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib announced that he will coordinate efforts with President Michel Aoun and the Prime Minister to reform Lebanon’s relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states

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