Massive floods hit the east coast of the United States

Massive flooding hit the east coast of the United States on Friday, especially the coastal areas around Washington and Baltimore.

The US Weather Service warned that the area is experiencing what may be “one of the largest tidal floods in the past 10-20 years”.

She added that the damage recorded in some places could be the largest since Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

The local weather service said Friday on Twitter that flooding caused by tides or rain, and “severe thunderstorms capable of causing destructive winds” are expected in the area around Washington and Baltimore.

Several warnings of coastal flooding were issued, from Virginia to central New Jersey.

In Annapolis (Maryland), located about 50 km from Washington, residents were seen wandering the streets flooded with water to the level of their knees. Sandbags were placed at the entrances to a number of shops to prevent water from entering.

On Monday, California witnessed historically high rainfall and caused multiple floods, after months of drought and wildfires that have become a recurring phenomenon.

In the face of fears of the failure of the global climate conference, which begins on Sunday in Britain, calls are multiplying for world leaders to do more and at a faster pace to curb the phenomenon of climate warming, which causes devastating disasters from floods and fires.

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