Biden, Macron, Merkel and Johnson: There is no return to the nuclear agreement unless Iran changes its behavior

The leaders of the United States, Britain, Germany and France expressed their concern over the “acceleration of provocative measures” by Iran, stressing that the nuclear agreement can only be returned if Tehran changes its behavior.

According to a joint statement published on the White House website, US President Joe Biden, his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, discussed during a meeting held today, Saturday, on the sidelines of the Group of Twenty summit in Rome, “the risks to international security arising from Iran’s continued pursuit of international security.” developing its nuclear programme.

The four leaders, according to the statement, expressed their determination to ensure that Iran would not be able to develop or obtain a nuclear weapon, expressing at the same time their growing concern about Tehran’s escalation of “provocative steps in the nuclear field” since its suspension last June of discussions on the possibility of resuming the concluded agreement. 2015.

The statement explained that these steps are represented in raising the degree of uranium enrichment and enriching uranium metal, stressing that there is no civil justification for Iran to take any of these two measures.

The four leaders pointed out that these steps come against the background of Iran reducing its cooperation with IAEA inspectors, adding: “We agreed that Iran’s failure to continue progress in the nuclear field and its obstruction of the IAEA’s work will undermine the opportunity to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.”

The statement indicated that the current circumstances emphasize the importance of reaching a negotiated solution that will allow both Iran and the United States to return to the agreement and will constitute a ground for continuing diplomatic contacts in order to resolve the remaining issues from both parties, welcoming, in this regard, Biden’s “clearly expressing his commitment” to returning the United States to the deal and implement it fully as long as Iran acts in the same way.

The four leaders called on Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to “seize the opportunity and work in good faith so that the talks lead to a result urgently,” warning that this is the only way to “avoid a dangerous escalation that will not be in the interest of any country.”

The leaders of the four countries expressed their conviction that an agreement could be reached quickly in order to return to the full implementation of the nuclear agreement, noting that this would lead to the lifting of sanctions imposed on Iran, which would have a long-term positive impact on the economy of the Islamic Republic.

And they continued, “This will only be possible if Iran changes its approach.”

The leaders of the four countries welcomed the diplomatic efforts made by the “Gulf partners” aimed at reducing tensions, expressing their conviction that the resumption of the nuclear agreement will allow strengthening the regional partnership and reducing the risk of a nuclear crisis.

The leaders affirmed their keenness to address “wider security concerns” related to Iran’s regional activities, and expressed their intention to continue working closely with Russia, China and the European Union Commissioner for Security and Foreign Policy Josep Borrell to resolve this “issue of paramount importance.”

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