A mockery in Israel of the new Facebook name because of its Hebrew meaning

Facebook’s new name, Meta, has sparked ridicule on social media in Israel and among Hebrew speakers because of the new name’s meaning.

“Meta” in Hebrew means “dead”, and technical expert Nirit Weiss wrote on Twitter that the new company’s name will be the subject of ridicule for many years because of its meaning in Hebrew.

Meta is the feminine word for dead in the Hebrew language.

And mockery of the new Facebook name even included the Israeli rescue organization “Zaka”, which works to ensure a proper burial for the Jews who die, which in turn wrote on Twitter: “Don’t worry, we are working on it

And on Thursday, the head of the Facebook group, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the change of the name of the parent company of the social network to “Meta” to better reflect all its activities, but the name of the different networks in it will remain the same, and the Facebook network, the Instagram application and the WhatsApp service will maintain their names.

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