Trump in disbelief: Is this really happening in our country?

Former US President Donald Trump expressed his astonishment at an article about the first American who obtained a passport with an “X” gender mark, adding that such things could not happen in his country

Commenting on the article in this regard published by an American media outlet, Trump wrote on his Telegram page: “Does this really happen in our country?”

The US State Department previously reported the issuance of the first US passport issued with an “X” stamp to gay and bisexual men. The US authorities hope to update the procedures and forms of documents necessary to obtain a passport in the country, after which each applicant will be able to obtain a passport with an “X” mark.

Until now, it was necessary for US citizens to require a doctor’s certificate to indicate a different gender on the passport than that on the birth certificate.

Today, the “third gender” (X) sign is present in the passports of a number of countries in the world, including Australia, India, Canada, Malta, Nepal and New Zealand.

Source: RIA Novosti

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