“Taliban” confirms its desire to obtain Russian vaccines against the Corona virus

The Minister of Health of the “Taliban” government in Afghanistan, Qandar Abbad, said that the interim government is interested in importing Russian anti-Coronavirus vaccines.

“Everything that helps fight the epidemic and promote the health of our citizens is of great value to us,” the agency quoted the “TASS” agency as saying.

He added, “We are interested in obtaining vaccines from Russia and from any other country in the world that wants to help us in this field.”

“About 4 months ago, the epidemiological situation (in Afghanistan) was serious, and the death rate was very high. The spread of the Indian strain was of particular concern,” Abad said.

He explained that after stopping regular passenger flights in mid-August, and closing borders with neighboring countries, the situation improved and the death rate began to decline.

Source: TASS

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