Influenced by ISIS, the Trial of an American Teenager who Killed a Child and Stabbed Two

Relocation of ” CBS ” news details of the trial of an American teenager killed a child in the age of twelve, and said he was driven Ptotherh organized Daesh terrorist, one of the state of Florida courts.

And the young man, Corey Johnson, who committed his crime when he was 16, had killed that child, and stabbed his friend’s mother and another son while they were sleeping.

According to the investigations, the crime took place in 2018 after the completion of the celebration of the birthday of the victim, Giovanni Sibera, who had completed his twelfth year at the time.

According to the testimony given by Kyle Bancroft, who was the accused’s best friend, they had joined late at Giovanni’s birthday party, which was held at a pizzeria in Palm Beach, before the three of them went to sleep at Bancroft’s house in one of the city’s neighborhoods.

Bancroft explained that he woke up at about four in the morning from his sleep, to find Johnson standing on top of his head with a bloody knife.

Johnson had stated earlier in the investigations before the trial began, that he set the intent to kill Giovanni Sierra after the latter “mocked” the Islamic religion, which the accused had embraced a few months before the execution of his crime, but then denied that he had done it because he was influenced by the extremist ideology of ISIS. He was in a temporary state of insanity.

Bancroft, who survived that night, indicated that his friend was “looking for a moral compass”, which made him convert to Islam, adding in his testimony: “He was watching video clips of ISIS members beheading their victims, and I deleted one of those clips.”

He pointed out that his ex-boyfriend watched a video clip teaching extremists how to kill people with piercing stab wounds.

In the testimony of the doctor, Ahmed Al-Haddad, who treated Bancroft’s mother and brother after they were stabbed several times with a Korean knife, he said that “Dan, Kyle Bancroft’s brother, had a large sunken wound in his arm, and underwent two surgeries to treat him from the effects of 30 stab wounds.”

On the other hand, one of the police officers who came to the crime scene, Michael Corgill, said that they found Johnson hiding in one of the closets of the house, adding: “I remember hearing him say phrases like God is Great.”

In a related context, prosecutors confirmed that Johnson knew exactly what he was doing, and that he was stabbing his victims in a state of anger, hatred and anger, noting that he bought the knife a day before the execution of his crime.

In return, Johnson pleaded his innocence, saying he was insane when he did it.

According to some reports, the trial will resume next week and its sessions may extend to the following week. It is expected that experts from the prosecution and defense will make an attempt to prove the real motive behind the crime committed by that young man.

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