American Schools Ban the “Squid Game” Costume

Schools in the US state of New York have announced the ban on costumes associated with the “Squid Game” series, which has achieved great popularity on “Netflix”, in conjunction with the “Halloween” celebrations.

The schools attributed their decision on the grounds that the South Korean production has very violent connotations that are not suitable for children .

Children in the United States are allowed to come to school in fancy dress on the eve of Halloween 

Pupils in the Fayetteville-Manelius area of ​​northern New York, which has six schools, including three for elementary school, were banned from wearing costumes inspired by the ” Squid Game “, “because of the violent messages it can inspire,” said school principal Craig Tice in A statement distributed to media outlets, including “France Press”

The series depicts characters from marginalized groups in South Korea who participate in traditional games for children in order to win a huge amount of money, but the losers in the games are gradually killed as the stages progress, in very violent scenes.

In the series, all players wear green sportswear similar to prisoner uniforms, while their guards and executioners wear a fuchsia jacket and put on black clothes on which a triangle, a circle or a square appears, depending on the rank.

According to “AFP”, accessories inspired by the series have been sold in large quantities in recent days inside a store in Manhattan, New YorK

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