After being Deported from South Korea, the Trial of a Russian Hacker in America

The US Department of Justice announced that the Ohio federal court on Thursday began the trial of a Russian hacker accused of being “part of a cybercrime ring that infected millions of computers around the world” after he was extradited from South Korea, according to CNN .

US prosecutors say Vladimir Dunayev, 38, was part of a transnational criminal gang that since 2015 has tried to steal millions of dollars from victims in the US and elsewhere.

He added that this gang used malicious “Trickbot” software and other tools to steal money and confidential data from companies in many countries including the US, UK, Russia and India. The hackers also targeted the computer networks of hospitals, schools, public utilities, and governments.

The Justice Department said Dunayev was accused of conspiracy to commit bank and bank fraud and data theft of people and companies. He could be sentenced to 60 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

The arrest is a notable victory for the US Department of Justice in the pursuit of Russian hackers, as it is awaiting their exit from Russia to pursue them; Because Washington and Moscow do not have an extradition treaty. 

It comes as the Biden administration has tried to pressure the Russian government to crack down on cybercrime amid continuing ransomware attacks against US companies.

On October 20, the South Korean Ministry of Justice said it had extradited a Russian national accused of hacking with the malicious “Trickbot” program in the United States.

Dunayev’s extradition comes on the heels of last month’s arrest by the FBI and European law enforcement agencies of two people in Ukraine who allegedly demanded millions of dollars in ransom following hacks of American organizations.

Despite Biden and Putin meeting in June on the subject, ransomware attacks on American companies have continued.

The Biden administration has also sought to expand international coordination in the prosecution of ransomware groups and reduce their sources of revenue. This month, the White House held a virtual meeting in 30 countries to that end.

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