A new and Hidden World… an “amazing” Scientific Discovery in the Interior of the Planet

It was believed for a long time that the core of the planet we live on is a solid ball of iron, while there is a liquid ocean around it, but it seems that the issue is different, and perhaps more complicated than we imagined.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Star”, seismologists from the United States and Japan recently indicated the presence of several layers of solid and liquid minerals.

The researchers noted that some minerals are found in the middle between the two; That is, between the layers of solid and liquid minerals.

No human or machine can penetrate this deep into the Earth’s interior , but researcher Ruth Butler from the University of Hawaii, and his colleague Seiji Tsubop from the Japan Institute for Geosciences Information and Technology, have studied how the so-called “shear waves travel” that are caused by earthquakes.

The American researcher explained that earthquakes that occur on the ground allow scientists to study what is in the ground and the interactions that take place in it.

In a press statement, the researcher talked about the presence of successive layers of solid and liquid minerals , or fused materials of iron closer to viscosity, in the highest 240 kilometers from the Earth’s core.

 He added that the recent study sheds light on the composition and evolution of the planet, in addition to its thermal record.

The Earth’s core drives the magnetic field that protects our planet from turning into a radioactive desert like Mars .

The American academic said that understanding these limits in the Earth’s interior would help to develop proactive prediction models about the magnetic field, and thus, protect life on our planet.

Commenting on this discovery, Jessica Ervin, a seismologist at the University of Bristol, said, “We are discovering a new world hidden in the core of the planet

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