3 Children injured in a run-over Accident in Germany

Three children, aged between seven and nine, were seriously injured in a traffic accident, today, Friday, in the German city of Wittsenhausen, in the federal state of Hesse.

German media reported that two of the injured were taken to hospital by rescue helicopters due to their critical condition, while the third was transported in an ambulance.

The five children, in the second and third grade, were on their way to their small primary school Blindenhof, in the Gertenbach district of Wittzenhausen, when they were hit by a driver near the day-care center Svergenschobachen.

The collision caused one of the children to be thrown against a wall 1.80 meters high, while a second child was lying under the car when paramedics came to the area, and two other children were very lucky as they were not hurt.culprit’s car

Press spokesman Alexander Forrest of the police department was unable to determine the severity of the injuries suffered by the three children, pending further details.

So far, it is not clear why the 30-year-old driver took off the road. The police ordered a blood test on him to check if he had taken substances such as alcohol or drugs that could impair his ability to drive

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