Thousands of dead creatures on the beach .. What is happening in Britain?

The British authorities have opened an investigation, after thousands of dead creatures were washed away by the sea on the beaches of northeastern England, with the aim of revealing the causes of the disturbing phenomenon.

The British Environment Agency told CNN that it was working with several others to investigate why the carcasses of thousands of animals, including hundreds of crabs, were washed up along the shore at the Tees Estuary and nearby beaches, as well as large quantities of plants. and seaweed.

The Center for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture and the North East Coastal Fisheries Conservation Authority in Britain are involved in the investigation .

A spokesman for the Environment Agency: “collected samples of water, sediment, mussels and lobster were sent for analysis, to consider whether the pollution has contributed to they died.”

CNN quoted eyewitnesses as saying that they had seen an “accumulation of soft crustaceans” on the beaches in the past few weeks.

Witnesses added that heaps of seaweed could also be seen piled up to waist level, and on top of them were thousands of crustaceans.

“The smell was so awful,” they explained, as the animal carcasses began to decompos

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