The Taliban allow girls to return to some high schools, but with many reservations

The Taliban have allowed girls in middle and high school in northern Afghanistan to return to school, although some teachers and parents still have doubts about what this means.

The American newspaper “New York Times” said that the girls in Mazar-i-Sharif were lucky, as they were allowed to return to school, unlike the rest of the country, saying that “this decision confirms how the Taliban’s treatment of different parts of the country differs based on the culture of these regions.”

The newspaper stated that the “Taliban” movement set difficult conditions for the return of girls to schools in Mazar-i-Sharif, to the extent that prompted many girls to abandon the idea of ​​going to school, noting that rules were set separating girls and young people in the classroom, which exacerbated the acute shortage of teachers. It is now threatening to eliminate opportunities for higher education for girls.

Many parents also refused to let their daughters go to school, fearing the Taliban fighters lining the streets. In addition, some do not see the value of girls’ education in a country where job opportunities for women are disappearing overnight.

Source: “The New York Times”

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