Italy announces a rise in weekly infections with Covid-19

Data from the Italian health institution Gimbe showed an increase in the number of daily infections with Covid-19 and a decrease in the number of vaccinated against the Corona virus at the weekly level.

According to the institution, the week from 20 to 26 October witnessed a net increase in new weekly cases of Covid-19, as it rose from 17,870 to 25,585 injuries, equivalent to 43.2%, even if the rise can be partially attributed to the increase in total tests The detection of the epidemic, as well as the rise in the green health certificate for the epidemic.

However, the report noted that the increase in patients admitted to hospitals reinforces the hypothesis of a broader spread of the virus in the past seven days, as their percentage increased by 7.5% compared to the previous week.

The report also indicated a decrease in the number of recipients of anti-viral vaccines, as 152,000 doses were injected daily from October 20 to 26, while the pace of the national vaccination campaign was in the range of 300,000 doses per day, despite the Italian authorities imposing a mandatory health certificate. green law to enter workplaces, in order to push citizens to immunize themselves with vaccines.

Source: “Aki” agency

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