For the first time, the president of Taiwan acknowledges the presence of US forces on the island

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen acknowledged for the first time the presence of US forces on the island, which China considers part of its territory despite the existence of an independent government there for several decades.

In an interview with CNN, and in response to a question about the number of US forces in Taiwan, Tsai declined to specify the exact number, saying only that it was “not as big as people think.”

“We have cooperation in a wide range of areas with the United States to enhance our defense capabilities,” she added.

“Here on this island, 23 million people are striving every day to protect themselves and our democracy and ensure the freedom people deserve,” she said

And if we fail, it will mean that people will question whether they have to fight for those values.

It is noteworthy that the last US forces withdrew from Taiwan officially in 1979, following Washington’s recognition of the People’s Republic of China and the “one China” principle, but the United States continues to provide military support to Taiwan.

Tensions over Taiwan have increased recently, against the backdrop of the movement of Chinese and US warships near the island, and US President Joe Biden’s assertion of Washington’s readiness to “defend Taiwan.”

Source: CNN

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