“Eventually they will come for you.” Elon Musk criticizes US billionaire tax

US businessman Elon Musk, who topped Forbes’ ranking of billionaires this week, has criticized the “billionaire tax” proposed by Democrats in the US Congress

The American businessman responded in the affirmative to a tweet that published a sample letter to an American voter sent to his representative in Congress, and Musk urged lawmakers not to support Senator Ron Wyden’s proposal to tax unrealized capital gains.

The author of the letter believes that if taxes begin to be imposed on the growth of the wealth of billionaires, then Congress will affect the millionaires, and then the owners of very modest investments.

For his part, Musk replied, “Exactly in the end, the other people will run out of money, and then they will come for you (the author of the letter).”

Musk’s fortune approached this week, according to Forbes magazine, the level of $ 300 billion, and thanks to the growth of Tesla’s shares, Musk became the richest man in the world.

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