A new crisis is on the horizon between Paris and London… France seizes two British fishing vessels

French maritime police fined two British fishing vessels during a search operation on Wednesday, as a new row erupted between London and Paris over post-Brexit fishing rights.

French Navy Minister Annick Girardin said in a tweet on “Twitter”, that although checks on British boats were standard during the scallop (oyster) season, they were also tightened “against the background of tighter controls in the canal, in the context of discussions over licenses with The United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Commission.

Girardin added that one of the British boats was caught fishing in the Seine Bay without proper licenses.

Maritime police escorted the boat and its crew to the port of Le Havre, where they could confiscate what was caught and impound the boat. Penal sanctions can also be imposed on ship owners.

Earlier on Wednesday, France published a list of sanctions it could impose on London from November 2, unless progress is made in its fishing row with Britain after its exit from the European Union.

The French ministries of Maritime and European Affairs said in a joint statement that “France can intensify its border and health checks on goods coming from Britain in particular, prevent British fishing boats from entering certain French ports and tighten inspections on trucks heading to and leaving the United Kingdom.”

“A second round of measures is being prepared. France does not rule out a review of its electricity supply to the United Kingdom,” she added.

Source: RT+ Reuters

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