To counter Iranian drone threats, Israel “strengthens” its air defenses

Israel is currently focusing on strengthening its air defenses significantly, in light of the increasing threats from Iranian drones, according to a report by The Times of Israel . 

The newspaper revealed that the Israeli army intends to obtain complete and permanent defensive coverage over the airspace of northern Israel, within two years, with plans to eventually expand the coverage to include the entire country.

The newspaper said that the Israeli Air Force is purchasing additional radar systems to be installed in northern Israel, and to improve the army’s ability to detect drones. 

She added that the army has also made a number of improvements to the Iron Dome short-range missile defense system that will allow to shoot down drones, an innovation that was first tested during the recent escalation between the Israeli army and Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, last May. 

Drones have become a popular technology in the hands of militias and terrorist organizations, after they were previously only owned by states. 

Countering drone attacks is difficult, as they are not easy to detect unlike relatively larger manned aircraft, as well as they fly at lower altitudes and have less predictable flight patterns compared to missiles.

Israeli officials point out that Iran’s devastating 2019 attack on the Saudi Aramco oil facility, using drones and cruise missiles, sent a wake-up call to the seriousness of the threat posed by these weapons.

The newspaper says that in the past two years since the Aramco attack, this threat has increased, as Iran has exported drones to its Houthi allies in Yemen, its proxies in Syria and Iraq, and to Hezbollah in Lebanon, in addition to sharing the designs of these drones with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

This month, an Iranian opposition group revealed new details documented by pictures about Iran’s program of attack drones, in addition to the details of the manufacturing and training process, while a secret report published by the “Wall Street Journal” concluded that Iran was able to arm its allies with this technology and components that did not pass through country. 

During a press conference held by the “National Council of Resistance of Iran” in Washington, the group, which is the political wing of the “People’s Mojahedin Organization”, showed satellite images of production sites, pointing to the drones coming from eight factories in Iran and using smuggled materials in their production, then It is sent to countries such as Syria and Iraq where it is collected and used.

According to the Wall Street Journal , a confidential report issued by the C4ADS think tank in Washington found that Iran was able to “successfully” arm its Houthi allies in Yemen using a network of commercial companies around the world to purchase components, some through smuggling. 

source :

The Times of Israel .,

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