Scientists believe that coronavirus causes inflammation of the brain.

American researchers found that 3 teenagers developed psychological symptoms as a result of the “Covid-19” infection that affected them, and although these effects seem rare, they raise the alarm, as they were recorded in a category believed to be immune to the epidemic.

He conducted by researchers at the University of California case studies on the three teens to examine how these symptoms occur.

The teens represented different cases and came from a different background, making the symptoms baffling to scientists.

Although three cases are not enough to draw broad conclusions about the epidemic , scientists believe the symptoms may be the result of an immune response that causes inflammation in certain parts of the brain.

Study co-author and professor of neuroscience at “We are so used to thinking about things like this, that they happen after infectious phenomena,” University of California , Sam Pleger.

He added that there is a link between viral infections such as ” Covid-19 ” and this type of psychological problem.

He continued, “We know based on the data related to the SARS virus that there is a reasonable amount of infection.”

About two decades ago, the SARS epidemic broke out, and soon after that, psychological injuries appeared that infected a number of those recovering from the epidemic, and it is believed that these infections are related to the virus.

In the new study, the researchers noted that one of the people with corona suffered from symptoms of “paranoia, and he also had delusions of persecution.”

The patient began to feel better quickly after the immunotherapy, and after a month of treatment he fully recovered.

The second and third patients had more severe symptoms and are still receiving treatment.

Before contracting Covid-19, they were suffering from anxiety and mental tics.

The patients had difficulty concentrating, especially while doing their homework, and within weeks they had suicidal and aggressive tendencies, as well as mood swing

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