Associated Press: Facebook is slow to address misinformation about the Corona vaccine

The American Associated Press confirmed that the Facebook administration has postponed the implementation of its employees’ proposals in the field of combating inaccurate information about vaccines against the Corona virus.

Last March, Facebook researchers came up with a way to replace partially unreliable sources in the news feed of the social network of the same name with reliable information sources such as the World Health Organization.

And she continued: “One of the company’s employees wrote in response to an internal report about the study: “Based on the results, I believe we look forward to releasing the update as soon as possible.” However, the site’s management has postponed the decision indefinitely.

She explained: “No changes were made to the information policy until last April, and when it was proposed to stop comments on vaccine publications so that the company could better deal with misinformation, there was no reaction from management.”

And a number of international media published a new series of investigations into Facebook’s problems, as 17 American media contributed to the study of documents revealed by former employee of the company, Frances Haugen.

Source: “TASS”

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