US Defense: ISIS in Afghanistan may be able to attack us within 6 months

A senior US military official said that the US intelligence community believes that the terrorist organization “ISIS” in Afghanistan may be able to attack the United States within 6 months at the very least.

On Tuesday, Colin Kahl, Undersecretary of Defense for Political Affairs, added that ISIS-K has the intent.

He stated that it had not yet been “determined” whether the Taliban movement, which is hostile to ISIS, had the ability to fight the organization effectively after the withdrawal of the United States.

He added, “The intelligence community currently assesses that ISIS-Khorasan Province and Al-Qaeda have the intention to carry out foreign operations, including against the United States, but they do not currently have the ability to do so.”

He said: “We can see ISIS-K has this capability within six to 12 months, noting that it may take al-Qaeda “a year or two.”

Source: Reuter

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