Sisi issues a decision to conserve Egyptian waters and prepare the High Dam in anticipation of the collapse of the Renaissance Dam

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi ratified the Water Resources and Irrigation Law, which aims to achieve water security and pay attention to the preservation and protection of huge assets related to water resources in Egypt.

According to the Egyptian media, the law approved by the House of Representatives comes within the framework of the trend towards adopting comprehensive development programs, through improving water management, raising the efficiency of its uses, and searching for non-traditional sources of water that support the water balance axes.

The law represents a serious step towards achieving water security and paying attention to preserving and protecting the huge assets related to water resources, which are (55,000 km) of waterways from canals and drains, and 48,000 facilities (barrages, bridges, bridges, and stations).

In the same context, the Egyptian Minister of Irrigation, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, said that the ministry is working on all possibilities related to the Renaissance Dam, including the possibility of the collapse of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, by establishing an infrastructure around the Aswan High Dam that can absorb large amounts of water up to Lake Nasser in Short and indefinite time.

Abdel-Aty added during the activities of the third day of the Cairo Water Week, that the structure also includes a possibility that water does not reach Lake Nasser on time, so we, as a ministry, are preparing for all risks.

Source: youm7

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