Guterres denounces the “epidemic of coups” and urges the Security Council to act

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres denounced the “epidemic of coups” in the world, and called on the Security Council to act as the Council prepared to discuss the army’s coup against power in Sudan.

Commenting on the events in Sudan, Guterres said in a statement to reporters: “The Sudanese people have clearly demonstrated their strong desire for reform and democracy,” calling on all parties in the country to exercise “the utmost restraint

He pointed out that “the strong geopolitical divisions, the difficulties faced by the Security Council in taking strong measures, and the economic and social impact of the Corona pandemic create an environment in which some military leaders feel completely unpunished and can do whatever they want because nothing will happen to them.”

He said: “My call is clearly directed to the major powers, in particular, to work together for the unity of the Security Council in order to ensure the existence of an effective deterrent to the epidemic of coups…We see that effective deterrence is absent now.”

Source: “Reuters

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