Brazil .. Demands to ban Bolsonaro from using social media

A committee of the Brazilian Senate called on the Supreme Court and the Attorney General to ban President Jair Bolsonaro from using social media, against the background of his claim that Corona vaccines cause AIDS.

Senators called for Bolsonaro to be banned indefinitely from accessing YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram after he cited “official reports from the British government confirming that people contracted HIV much faster than expected after receiving vaccines.” Corona”.

Bolsonaro claimed this in his weekly Facebook Live, which removed the video for violating its policies on spreading misinformation. On Monday, Facebook suspended Bolsonaro’s account for a week, in addition to blocking the video.

The request came as a Senate committee that has spent the past six months investigating the Bolsonaro government’s response to the pandemic prepares to vote on a final report recommending multiple charges against the president, including crimes against humanity, for downplaying the risks of COVID-19 and underestimating an expert’s recommendation to contain it.

The epidemic killed more than 600,000 people in Brazil, which is the second country affected by the epidemic after the United States.

Source: “AFP”

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