Because of a quarrel, an Egyptian teacher stormed a school and stabbed a student with a knife

In a strange incident and due to a quarrel between him and her son, an Egyptian teacher broke into a middle school and stabbed a student with a knife in the northern Kafr El-Sheikh governorate.

The Reception and Emergency Department of Kafr El-Sheikh General Hospital received a 12-year-old student called “Qadri R.M.” He is enrolled in the second preparatory grade at “Al-Qarda” school, with a head and arm wound. By asking his relatives, they reported that a teacher had stabbed him with a knife and ran away.

Investigations by the security services revealed that the teacher, “R. Kh”, went to the school located in the village of Al-Qarda, which is affiliated with the Kafr El-Sheikh Center, and assaulted a student in one of the classrooms with a knife, and then ran away.

It turned out that the victim student quarreled with the son of the teacher, who committed her crime out of revenge for her son.

A medical source at Kafr El-Sheikh General Hospital confirmed to that the student’s condition is stable and there is no danger to his life, and he was immediately rescued

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