An American warning of the acceleration of Chinese artificial intelligence

The US National Interest website said that there is a growing consensus among US national security agencies that China represents a strategic threat to the United States, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

The website quoted officials at the National Counterintelligence and Security Center as saying that China’s pursuit of artificial intelligence technology could have major repercussions in the future on the military and

And intelligence officials re-warned companies that operate in key areas and allow China to invest in them or rely on their expertise to take important precautions in protecting the intellectual property of their products.

Under the administrations of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, US relations with China have descended to unprecedented levels, with growing consensus among US national security agencies that Beijing represents a strategic threat to the United States.

Although Biden said he did not want a “cold war” with China, preferring instead to work with it on common interests such as climate change, relations remained tense, especially against the background of the Corona virus, and Washington blamed Beijing for the failure to Facing the epidemic.

 Why does Chinese artificial intelligence worry about America?

Artificial intelligence is playing a prominent role in China, after it has placed it alongside other high technologies such as robotics in its “Made in China by 2025” development strategy.

The National Interest says it is indisputable that much of the knowledge needed for artificial intelligence in China was obtained illegally or illegally from the United States.

The administration of former President Donald Trump estimated that the United States lost more than $600 billion from China’s intellectual property violations each year.

Acting National Counterintelligence and Security Center Michael Orlando said the United States “cannot afford to lose” the race to develop new technology with China in key areas, including artificial intelligence technology.

But the US official stopped short of advising companies in his country to ban Chinese investment.

One area of ​​particular interest to the center was biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, where China has made major acquisitions in the past two years.

The agency warned that companies linked to China in the United States are taking advantage of American medical data, and are working to return it to Beijing.

Orlando said these developments should be understood as part of Beijing’s desire to expand its technical know-how, as it is not just about Chinese state-owned companies

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