After the Al-Burhan conference, a statement from Hamdok’s office

Minutes after the end of the press conference held by the Sudanese army chief, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, on Tuesday, in which he said that he would release Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok during the day, until Hamdok’s office issued a statement attacking Al-Burhan’s statements.

Al- Burhan said in a press conference that ” Hamdouk is in my house,” noting that he is in good health and will return to his home today.

Al-Burhan added that Hamdok was not able to work freely because he was politically restricted.

He stressed that the Sudanese army seeks to restore the luster of the popular revolution, after the forces of freedom and change rejected all proposals for a solution, forcing the army to take urgent measures.

However, Hamdok’s media office rejected what was stated in Al-Burhan’s speech.

 Hamdok’s office said in a statement: “The putschists must release the prime minister and all those with him immediately, and they must know that the prime minister is protected by his people who led a long-term peaceful revolution without a single drop of blood being shed (…)”.

He added: “The Sudanese people and the world will not be deceived by the claims of the head of the coup that what he is doing is to protect the revolution and its prime minister. limited capacity (…)”.

He continued, “We are confident that the Sudanese people will not succumb to attempts to mislead and sweet words about correcting the revolution, for the Sudanese revolution belongs to the people (…)”.

And he added: “The Sudanese people, the region and the world will not accept that the Islamist regime returns under any cover, and Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok is the executive leadership recognized by the Sudanese people and the world.”

On Monday, the commander of the Sudanese army, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, dissolved the Sovereign Council, whose membership includes civilian and military members, and announced the dissolution of the Council of Ministers and the imposition of a state of emergency in the country.

Al-Burhan stressed that these steps are necessary in order to correct the course of the revolution in the country, after the situation has reached a dangerous stage that threatens Sudan

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