Sudanese are taking to the streets and blocking major roads in Khartoum after military forces placed Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok under house arrest, arrested a government minister, and warned the Sudanese Professionals Association of a military coup.

The Sudanese Professionals Association announced, in a statement at dawn today, Tuesday, a “military move aimed at seizing power,” and said that this “means our return to the evil cycle of authoritarian rule, oppression and terrorism, and to undermine what our people extracted through their struggles and sacrifices in the glorious December revolution.”

He called on the Sudanese to go out to “the streets in the neighborhoods of all cities, villages and the Furqan … and occupy them completely, and prepare to resist any military coup regardless of the forces behind it.”

Reuters news agency reported, citing sources from the family of Faisal Mohamed Saleh, media advisor to the Sudanese Prime Minister, that a military force stormed Saleh’s house and arrested him early Monday.

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