Sudan.. Reports indicate that a military force has arrested a number of ministers

The Sky News Arabia correspondent in Khartoum reported that a military force had arrested a number of ministers in Abdullah Hamdok’s government.

According to reports, a military force arrested the Ministers of Industry and Information and other ministers.

Sources from the family of the media advisor to the Prime Minister, Faisal Muhammad Saleh, said that a military force stormed the advisor’s house and arrested him.

So far, no official statements have been issued regarding those arrests or the party that arrested the Sudanese ministers .In a statement, the Sudanese Professionals Association said : “There are reports of a military move aimed at

seizing power. We appeal to the masses of the Sudanese people, their revolutionary forces, and the resistance committees in neighborhoods in all cities, villages and al-Furqan, to go out to the streets and occupy them completely, and to prepare to resist any military coup regardless of the forces that are involved in it.” stand behind him.”


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