An important political event.. Sudan TV broadcasts patriotic songs

With the rise in the list of detainees in Sudan, including ministers and senior officials in the government and the Sovereignty Council, and a number of parties and governors, this morning, Monday morning, the official television began broadcasting national songs, according to Agence France-Presse.

What indicates anticipation of an important political or military event, or perhaps a statement declaring a state of emergency or something else in the country

For its part, the Ministry of Information announced the security of the detained ministers and politicians, and they were transferred to unknown locations.

airport closures

Simultaneously, Khartoum airport was closed and all international flights were suspended, amid a heavy security presence in the capital, and news of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok being placed under house arrest, according to Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath correspondent.

It also clarified that the list of detainees included ministers and leaders of the first row in the pro-government parties

In addition, she indicated that she is anticipating a statement or a speech by the head of the Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, on the developments that the capital has witnessed since dawn today.

Invitations to demonstrate

On the other hand, the Sudanese Professionals Association called on all citizens to take to the streets in defense of the revolution and its gains.

He also stressed his rejection of any military coup from any side.

While a number of protesters took to the streets, denouncing the arrests. Meanwhile, the Medical Syndicate announced, in a move to denounce what had happened, that its members had been withdrawn from all military hospitals.

New civilian government

On the other hand, the team in the Sudanese army, Hanafi Abdullah, in contact with Al-Arabiya, considered that the arrests corrected the democratic path, stressing that a new civilian government would be formed.

He also pointed out that the military actions and arrests were aimed at obstructing the implementation of the constitutional document.

It is noteworthy that these developments came after severe tensions in Sudan during recent weeks between the components of the authority, which consist of civilians and military, and the split in the street between those who demand a military government and others who demand the handing over of power to civilians

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