“Truth” .. Details of the social networking platform that Trump is creating

The digital media project announced by former US President Donald Trump will become a major competitor in the conservative social networking market, thanks to the popularity of Trump and his online followers , The Wall Street Journal reported .

The Trump Media and Technology Group announced, on Wednesday, that it will create a social network called “Truth Social”, as part of Trump’s effort to find a new means of communication, after it was blocked by Facebook and Twitter platforms in the wake of the January 6 attack on the Capitol Building.

“Everyone asks me why no one’s standing up to the big tech companies? Well, we’ll do that soon,” Trump, chairman of the Trump Group for Media and Technology, said in a statement on Wednesday.

According to the American newspaper, the deal will not affect Trump’s ability to run for the White House again in 2024 if he chooses to do so; Because there are no laws preventing Trump from continuing to run or own a business while he is running for president.

The new media company was born out of a meeting between Trump and Patrick Orlando, a former derivatives trader at Deutsche Bank AG.

The company did not reveal many details about the look and content of the Truth platform, which is expected to become available to users next month, and will be launched on a large scale early next year. 

Screenshots from a company presentation and an app store show that the app looks similar to Twitter.

Trump’s company also plans to launch a streaming service, which would include entertainment and news programming. The company did not reveal any time frame for launching the service or the possible subscription cost. 

People familiar with the matter told the American newspaper that Trump’s allies and employees were unaware of the company’s establishment. They noted that his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., played a large role as a senior advisor for the new project and could have an executive role in the company, they said. 

They added that Trump urged the company to use servers that would make it difficult for his political enemies to target. They said Dan Scavino, a former assistant to the president and social media consultant, had an informal advisory role in building the social media platform.

The American newspaper stressed that Trump’s project will compete for attention with a group of websites and news channels that cater to conservative audiences in the United States, including Fox News. It will also compete directly with other social media platforms targeting conservatives, such as Gettr, launched this year by former Trump adviser Jason Miller. 

Alan Knitowski, CEO of Phunware Inc, an enterprise software company that worked on apps for the 2020 Trump presidential campaign, said Truth may find appeal among Americans, who believe that leading social media platforms have over-controlled content.

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