The Wall Street Journal: Qatar frustrated by Washington’s procrastination in selling drones

The Wall Street Journal revealed that the Qatari authorities were “frustrated” by Washington’s failure to respond to Doha’s request to sell it US drones.

According to the newspaper, Qatar submitted an order to purchase four drones more than a year ago, adding that “the US State Department has not yet responded to Doha’s request in this regard, and US officials refuse to mention the reason.”

The newspaper quoted a Qatari government official as saying, “It is disappointing that there is no clear indication of the reason for the delay in responding to our request,” noting that “the recent evacuations in Afghanistan demonstrated that Qatar is always ready to support its allies for security and stability.”

The “Wall Street Journal” indicated that Qatar was planning to use the aforementioned aircraft to monitor gas facilities, as well as in the upcoming football World Cup in the country.

Source: The Wall Street Journal “

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