Father of the dead player: The Taliban did not kill my daughter and her fellow athletes spread such allegations in order to flee the country

The father of a player from the Afghan women’s volleyball team revealed the truth of what was reported by some media outlets about the brutal killing of his daughter by Taliban militants in the capital, Kabul.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Afghan “Amag News” agency quoted Muhammad Sorour Hakimi, the father of the player Mah Jibeen Hakimi, confirming the authenticity of the news about the death of his daughter, noting at the same time that she died before the “Taliban” took control of Kabul.

Hakimi expressed his conviction that his daughter (who had previously served for five years as an officer in the special forces of the collapsed Afghan government) was deliberately killed, blaming her bride’s family for her death.

He explained that Mah Jubein stayed with her bride’s family in Kabul, and that on August 6, when he was in Ghazni province, he received a phone call from this family in which he was informed that his daughter had committed suicide by hanging on a bathroom window.

Hakimi indicated that he immediately went to Kabul and visited the site of the alleged suicide and revealed that this window was located at a height much lower than his daughter’s height.

The father also pointed out that there are indications that his daughter was killed in her bedroom by hanging with a veil, and then her body was dragged to the bathroom, adding that there are traces on her neck confirming that she was deliberately beaten and killed.

Hakimi accused the groom’s family of colluding with the local police and judicial officials in order to conceal this case, expressing his hope that the “Taliban” would pursue those responsible for killing his daughter.

As for media allegations that the Taliban killed his daughter by beheading, Hakimi suggested that fellow sportsmen spread such allegations in order to flee the country.

Source: “Amag News”

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