Angelina Jolie publishes recent photos of the pyramids .. and comments

American star Angelina Jolie surprised her 11 million followers on the Instagram application, with recent photos of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Jolie published pictures taken by her friend, the international artist “JR”, noting that he sent her the pictures from Egypt

Commenting on the photo, Jolie wrote: “I love these pictures that my friend JR sent me now from Egypt.”

Jolie’s post included 3 pictures of the pyramids , artistically, where a hand appears out of the sand to carry part of the pyramid

JR blended painting, artistic techniques and photography in his artwork on the pyramids.

JR explained on his account via “Instagram” that he hid a total of 743 hieroglyphs randomly throughout his painting.

The plastic artist is participating in the “Forever Is Now” exhibition, which is the 14th session of this art exhibition, which was launched at the Giza Pyramids area, last Thursday

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