Afghanistan.. Clashes in Herat and the “Taliban” issues an explanation

Afghan media reported that violent clashes erupted in the northwestern city of Herat.

And the agency “Amag News” confirmed today, Sunday, quoting informed sources, that fierce confrontations have been continuing for several hours in the 15th district of the city.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in the new Afghan government formed by the “Taliban” movement, Qari Saeed Khosti, said on his account on “Twitter” that the fighting raged with three criminals involved in major kidnappings who were holed up inside an apartment building in the ninth district of the city, adding that the forces The private surrounded the architecture and was able to liquidate these.

News published a video clip documenting the sound of shooting in the city, and other footage showing the shooting in the middle of a street, and it was not clear whether this video was taken in Herat.

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