A Taliban element slaps Afghan children… They used smart phones!

The actions of the Taliban continue to raise suspicion and suspicion about human rights, despite the attempts of the extremist movement that has taken control of Afghanistan since mid-August, to polish its image.

During the past hours, Afghan activists circulated video clips showing a Taliban element slapping children on the ground, because of what was said to be their use of smartphones.

The children, aged between 13 and 15, appeared to be sitting in a queue in a park in Kabul, according to activists.

While Al was not able to confirm the accuracy of the video, it spread widely among Afghans on social media.

But over the past weeks, the movement has banned some activities or behaviors. For example, it circulated to barbers, in the southern province of Helmand, a while ago by forbidding cutting beards, or even putting music in stores while working!

Just as most secondary schools are still closed to girls and teachers, and some public institutions are still without female employees, as per the Taliban’s instructions.

Crowds in front of the passport office in Kabul (Reuters)

Crowds in front of the passport office in Kabul (Reuters)

Freedoms and human rights

It is noteworthy that since its control of the country, thousands of Afghans fled in fear of the actions of the movement that ruled during the nineties, imposing its strict conditions and laws.

Meanwhile, thousands of athletes, musicians and painters, especially women, hid for fear of Taliban persecution.

Twenty years ago, the movement imposed its harsh laws on Afghan citizens, preventing many activities, while the presence of women was almost completely absent from public life, and they were rarely seen outside the home or on the streets.

A Taliban fighter in Kabul (archive - AFP)

A Taliban fighter in Kabul (archive – AFP)

Women were also denied sports, education, or even travel.

Since its receipt of the ruling last August, the international community has stressed that it will not recognize the government formed by the Taliban except in return for guarantees and actual practices on the ground that confirm its respect for human rights and public freedoms, as well as other conditions, including that Afghanistan does not turn again into a stronghold of terrorism

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