A missile fell on a neighborhood in Dhamar, northern Yemen, after its launch failed

Local sources said that a ballistic missile fell immediately after it was launched by the Houthi militia loyal to Iran, on the homes of citizens in a residential neighborhood in the city of Dhamar, northern Yemen.

Badawi sources reported a violent explosion, which was caused by the Houthi militia’s failure to launch a ballistic missile and it landed on citizens’ homes in the Najda neighborhood near the Military Police Training Center in Dhamar al-Qarn area, while initial reports indicate civilian casualties .

According to the sources, ambulances rushed to the place where the missile fell, to treat the dead and injured citizens to the city’s hospitals, while the extent of the losses is not yet known .

According to the sources, the Military Police Training Center in the city of Dhamar is one of the camps from which the Houthi militias launch ballistic missiles towards the liberated governorates .

A number of residents in Dhamar had complained of exposing them to danger as a result of Houthi militia launching ballistic missiles from residential neighborhoods, and using them as human shields .

Violent field battles are continuing between government forces and tribes on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other hand, west and south of Ma’rib Governorate , northeast of Yemen .

Military sources said that the Arab coalition fighters destroyed three militia fighting mechanisms west of the city, after implementing a successful targeting operation that resulted in the death and injury of dozens of Houthis .

According to the sources, government artillery also bombed fixed and mobile targets of the militias, causing great human and material losses in the south of the governorate

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