A man prefers prison to living with his wife… and the authorities are responding!

After enough was enough, a man under house arrest came to a police station, asking to be put in prison, as he could no longer stand his life at home with his wife, according to what the gendarmerie service revealed.

The man, a 30-year-old Albanian living in Gidonia Monticilio, near Rome, “can no longer tolerate forced coexistence with his wife”, according to a statement by the gendarmerie in the nearby city of Tivoli

In addition, the statement clarified that “when enough was enough, he preferred to escape and present himself to the police, asking them to complete his sentence behind bars.”

House arrest was imposed on the man several months ago for crimes related to drug trafficking, and was supposed to remain so for years, according to the head of the gendarmerie in Tivoli Francesco Giacomo Ferrante, in statements to AFP.

He revealed that “the man was living with his wife and family. Things were not going well, and he said, ‘My family life has turned into hell, I can’t stand it anymore and I want to stay in prison).'”

The man was soon arrested for violating the rules of house arrest and the judiciary requested his transfer to prison

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