Watch.. a brigade appointed as governor of Iranian Azerbaijan was slapped by a soldier

After the hard-line movement has taken control of all aspects of the state in Iran, it seems that a new phase of the conflict between the leaders of the Revolutionary Guards, who form the backbone of this movement, is at the door.

Against the background of differences between the wings of the hard-line fundamentalist camp, this morning, the new governor of East Azerbaijan Province and one of the leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who participated in the war in Syria, Major General Abdeen Khorram, was slapped by another member of the Revolutionary Guards during a ceremony marking the appointment of the new governor

While Khurram was speaking from behind the stage, someone stepped onto the stage and walked towards him and slapped him in the face.

Some official Iranian media described this person as one of the expelled elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Azerbaijan, while informed sources confirm that he has the rank of colonel, and he is still a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Iranian Interior Minister and former commander of the Quds Force, Ahmad Vahidi, was present at the ceremony.

Iranian media reported that after Abedin Khorram was slapped, “the ceremony was tense and various groups of participants in the opposition to the new governor chanted and some shouted slogans in support of him.

Published photos of the ceremony show several people climbing to the stage and kicking the attacker on the governor from the hall, others running to the stage and facing each other, some in military uniform.

After that, Major General Abadin Khurram returned to the podium after slapping and saying, “I don’t know this person, and I consider him an enemy, but I forgive him.”

Contrary to Khurram’s claim that he does not know the person who slapped him, Roydad 24 reported, this account was rejected by informed sources because they had in fact worked together before.

And the Fars News Agency, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards, wrote that the person who slapped the new governor was one of the “expelled from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.” .

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