Claiming the influence of Corona… Biden temporarily postpones declassifying some documents related to the Kennedy assassination

US President Joe Biden has ordered that some documents related to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas be temporarily kept secret.

Yesterday, Friday, Biden issued a memorandum in which he indicated that a law adopted by Congress in 1992 stipulates that all government documents related to the Kennedy assassination must eventually be published in order to inform the entire public about the circumstances of this case, acknowledging that the need to hide these documents from public opinion has multiplied more during the years. It is vital that the US government ensures “as much transparency as possible” by publishing all documents relating to the case except in those cases where there are the strongest possible reasons not to do so.

The memo explained that the law allows for deferred publication of records related to the Kennedy assassination in cases where the risk of harming Department of Defense and intelligence operations, law enforcement or the practice of foreign relations continues to exceed social interest in this information.

Biden said that as of 2018, departments and executive agencies began reviewing all of their proposals to defer the publication of documents on the Kennedy assassination completely, while the National Archives and Archives Administration (NARA) began this year to review whether these proposals still comply with the standards set by law.

According to the memo, the head of the National Archives warned that the Corona pandemic has significantly affected the agencies and NARA and stressed that the National Archives and Documents Administration needs more time to communicate with the agencies in this regard.

Therefore, the head of the archive recommended to the White House a temporary extension not to publish all the data that was decided in 2018 to be kept confidential, with the publication of two packages of documents for public opinion that were identified as “appropriate for publication”, one of them later this year and the second, which is more comprehensive, in late 2022. .

Biden confirmed that he agreed to this recommendation, and at the same time ordered the publication of all documents that the agencies did not request to continue to be hidden by December 15th.

The presidential memorandum obligated the executive agencies and NARA to conduct an extensive review of the remaining documents over the next year, asking the agencies to determine which documents should continue to be deferred no later than December 15, while the National Archives and Records Administration should consider each of these demands by early September 2022.

The memorandum also called on the head of the National Archives to issue a plan by December 15th regarding the publication of all records related to the Kennedy assassination in the archives on the Internet.

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