British newspaper: Boris Johnson used his Downing Street briefing room to watch a special screening of the James Bond movie

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson used his press briefing room in Downing Street to watch a special screening of the new James Bond movie, British newspaper The Independent reported.

And the British newspaper reported that the Downing Street briefing room cost 2.6 million pounds, and caused the government to be criticized for the value of equipping it to give press briefings similar to White House conferences.

The newspaper added that the room is used to hold briefings twice a day with journalists, but it has not been available during the past two days for unknown reasons.

She noted that initially Johnson’s spokesman did not confirm that “No Time to Die” was shown there last night for the Prime Minister and his staff, as The Times reported, that he confirmed that he was not aware of the nature of the event that occurred.

Subsequently, a Downing Street spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister met yesterday with Pinewood Studios, Universal Pictures, Eon Productions and the British Film Institute BFI to congratulate them on the success of the latest James Bond release as a testament to the talent of the British creative industry.

Source:  “The Independent”

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