Biden’s approval rating is lower than any US president since World War II

Opinion polls have shown that President Joe Biden has suffered a significantly lower approval rating since the beginning of his term than any other US president since World War II, according to the American “Fox News”.

A new Gallup poll showed that Biden’s approval rating fell from 56% in the first quarter to 44.7% in the third, an 11.3% drop not seen for any president since World War II

According to Gallup, this 11-point drop is the largest of any previous president recorded between the first and third quarters, although it is similar to that of the last three Democratic presidents — Barack Obama (10 points), Bill Clinton (seven points) and Jimmy Carter by nine points. )”.

The survey results are based on data collected from October 1 through October 19.

Biden’s approval rating began to drop dramatically over the summer as the fight against the coronavirus pandemic continued and restrictions put in place by elected officials, including Biden, who has faced widespread criticism for enforcing federal vaccine mandates including firing employees who refuse the vaccine.

The president’s approval waned further in September after his chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan that killed 13 American soldiers and left many Americans in Afghanistan, despite his administration’s promises that it would not.

In addition, Congressional Democrats failed to pass the Biden Infrastructure Development and Spending Act, exacerbating his internal conflicts.

Biden is also deeply overwhelmed when it comes to how Republicans view him, with only 4% of Republicans polled saying they approve of the job he’s done and 94% disapproving.

In contrast, 92% of Democrats approve of Biden’s job and 6% disapprove, with a partisan gap of 88% in approval, the highest since Biden took office as President of the United States despite promising to reunite the country

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