Taliban to a large number of female employees in Kabul: No return to work next week

The Taliban imposed more restrictions on female employees working in government institutions in the capital, Kabul, on Thursday.

The movement has banned many women from returning to work next week, a sign that it will continue to restrict women’s rights after two decades of enjoying freedoms under the previous government.

The Washington Post quoted Nimatullah Barakzai, head of the Taliban’s public awareness department in Kabul municipality, as saying that many female employees were asked not to come to work, noting that officials were preparing a new plan to allow women to work in government offices.

Barakzai pointed out that the move does not include women working in the health and education sectors, and that the salaries of all government employees will continue to be paid.

During its control of the country between 1996-2001, the Taliban imposed an extreme interpretation of Islamic law in the territories it controlled, forcing women to wear headscarves from head to toe in public places, restricting girls’ access to the ramp, and requiring that women be accompanied by Muharram.

Since regaining full control of Afghanistan, the Taliban have stated that the movement can allow women more freedom within the framework of Islamic law.

 Acting Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi said during his visit to Russia on Wednesday that women across the country will continue to work in police stations and passport offices, adding: “We are trying to provide working conditions for women in sectors that need them, according to Islamic law.”

Source: washingtonpost

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